Monday, July 24, 2006

Will the Highlanders get their Freedom?

Saturday, July 22
The Pirates have set sail from Camp Hope on the "Jolly Frances". King Edward is dead and the new crown offers nothing but tyranny and oppression. This has caused an uproar among several Highlanders (Scottish Shepherds). MacDavid and MacKevin are among the leaders triggering the turbulence. Will the Scots submit to the new king's demands or will they join together and fight for freedom?In July of 2007, a decision must be made. Stay tuned!


Blogger Claire said...

all i have to say was that camp hope teen week 2 was the best week i have ever been to! i had so much fun =]
thanks so much for being awesome game directors, "mackevin" and "macdavid"

1:53 PM  

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